My name is Gerald Donnelly & I have been doing commercial photography and photographing weddings & special events for several years. Some of my commercial photography has been featured in trade publications. Some time ago, I founded OnSite Photography. We are a family owned Michigan photography company. Our focus is on wedding and special event photography. It’s our desire when you look at your wedding album, that it takes you back to the moment of your wedding day. If you stop and think about it, when the guests are gone, gifts are opened and the honeymoon is over, the wedding photos and wedding album are the only things left.

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I’ve listed below three key things to consider when hiring a Metro Detroit wedding photographer.

1) Do you like the wedding photographer and does he/she like you?
This is an important item that some people overlook, in their zeal to find the best wedding photography price/package. No matter how good the work is or how good the price is, if this item is missing, your wedding day will probably be miserable and your wedding album will most likely show it. Never forget that the wedding photographer is working for you & not the other way around. The photographer should be sensitive to your needs, be willing to accommodate special requests, and offer advice for wedding photos.

2) Is the quality of work good?
Do you like his or her work and photography style? If not, no matter what the price is, don’t hire him/her.

3) Can you afford the photographer's price and is the wedding package worth the price?
I’ve listed this item last because the wedding photographer's price should not necessarily be the deciding factor. Everyone has a budget, is the wedding photographer within your budget? Remember if you pay a little too much, for what you want, the most that you risk losing is few dollars. If you pay too little, you risk losing everything. Wedding day photos and images for your wedding album are nearly impossible to recreate. The old saying that you get what you pay for is true. This is especially true in wedding photography. If the price is too low, there’s reasons why.

With all this being said there are a lot of things to consider: types of wedding albums, film vs. digital, number & size of enlargements etc, etc. I could go on & on, but the three items listed should form the basis of making a decision. If all of those three items are present, you’ve probably found your wedding photographer. If any of those three items are missing, keep looking, your wedding photographer is out there. You’ve done a lot of planning to make sure that every detail of your wedding is perfect & you deserve quality images to remember your wedding day.

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